2019 Killington Chili Cook-off https://www.swcvt.com/apps/photos/ 2019 Killington Chili Cook-off Round 'Em Up! Club President Janina with Board Member (in charge of Membership) Sue helping to "round up" some new members! Janina provided the flowers, bowls & sterno and condiments, including some fresh chives right from her garden. Sue also made some tasty corn muffins. Board member Diane shared the checkered tablecloths. Board treasurer Nancy wasn't able to join us but we were very appreciative of her lending her tent for the event. It was truely a team effort! https://www.swcvt.com/apps/photos/photo?photoID=205838453 205838453 Tasty "Vittles"! Club President Janina with Board Member Allyson. We used Allyson's popular "Vegan Vittles" recipe again this year! Thanks to fellow club members Katie and Theresa for also contributing some healthy chili for our booth. https://www.swcvt.com/apps/photos/photo?photoID=205838454 205838454 7th Annual Chili Cook-Off! The weather was ideal for this annual outdoor event featuring live music. https://www.swcvt.com/apps/photos/photo?photoID=205838455 205838455