Snowshoeing & Libations Snowshoeing & Libations Ready to Go! The women's club is made up of a group of winter outdoor enthusiasts! 206122495 Setting the Trail! Ann, Beth, Patti & Lisa planning the route 206122496 Perfect Weather! Beth, Patti & Jo enjoying the excursion on a perfect winter weather day! 206122497 Group Shot! The group takes a photo break! 206122498 Well Earned Libations! Ready to head back to Preston's for libations! 206122499 A Friendly Familiar Face! Great to run into fellow club member Stella tending bar at Prestons! 206122504 A Toast to the Ladies! Irene, Ann, Nancy, Karla & Katie toasting the group! 206122501 Cheers to the Group! Cheers to Beth, Sue, Lisa, Patti & Jo too! 206122502 Just another Winter Monday in Killington! Fun way to spend a Monday night in February! 206122503 Thanks to Bear Trax Adventures! A big thanks to Lisa & Jody from Bear Trax for an awesome outing! 206122505