Paddle Your Way & S'mores! Paddle Your Way & S'mores! A Fun Time! A good time was had by all! Thanks to Vera for the photo collage. 206543555 The Glorious Outdoors! Although it was a little cooler than expected, the ladies enjoyed "paddling their way" on Colton Pond! Thanks to Sue for the photo. 206543556 Refreshments! Following the excursion, guests enjoyed S'mores & other snacks at the home of club board member Jane. Thanks to those who contributed to the refreshments! 206543557 More Goodies Inside the Tent! Jane also had more snacks inside the tent, offering a lovely view of Colton Pond. 206543558 The Best Lounge Chair! Lounging around the fire pit, waiting for the s'mores! 206543559 Our Hostess Jane! Our gracious hostess Jane cooking up some s'mores for the guests! 206543560 A Toast! A toast to our hostess Jane and a wonderful afternoon! 206543561